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The horses below have been SOLD but are retained on this site for quality and reference purposes.

HCM War Paint's Independence Bay - Perfect height for performance 33.5" (Sept 2010).  A superb mover foaled in 2008 sired by Landry's War Paint and out of HCM Navajo's Miss Independence (X-Caliber's Little Navajo x HCM Buck's Elegant Gypsy (Little King's Almighty Buck X Deile's Dakota Daisy Girl).  Since he is intelligent and easy to work with, he'll be great for a youth or amateur handler.  SOLD-Texas


  Driving prospect for sale Miniature horse driving prospect for sale

HCM Buck's Formula One  - Outstanding 2008 colt sired by Little King's Almighty Buck and out of  HCM War Paint's Passion Flower (Landry's War Paint x Bar-B Hi-Fashion (X-Caliber's Little Navajo x Kevin's Llama)))  AMHR registered.  Passion Flower is a full sibling to HCM War Paint's Hi Tech.  For those interested in hock action and front end action, this colt is for you. Generations of proven performance horses in this pedigree; performance plus in this Formula One.       SOLD-Texas                    



HCM Buck's Mighty Superstitious sired by Little King's Almighty Buck and out of HCM Hi-Technique, by HCM War Paint's Hi-Tech and out of a Navajo daughter.  Built to drive  SOLD - California



HCM X-Caliber's Hero - This superb 2008 colt is sure to be a superstar in the show ring.  He is out of HCM Buck's Cameo Dove, by HCM Navajo's X-Caliber's and a full sibling to: HCM X-Caliber's Soft Touch, HCM X-Caliber's Abracadabra and HCM X-Caliber's High Gear.   SOLD - Canada



HCM Stars n Stripes Renegade (HCM War Paint's Stars n Stripes 4EVER x HCM Navajo's Gotta New Attitude) Foaled April 21, 2006  AMHA and AMHR registered. Very smooth colt that can show well in halter and harness.  His sire is HCM War Paint's Stars n Stripes, a homozygous pinto Landry's War Paint son and full sibling to HCM War Paint's Hi Tech.  His dam is HCM Navajo's Gotta New Attitude, an X-Caliber's Little Navajo daughter out of Deile's Dakota Daisy Girl.  Outstanding winning pedigree on top and bottom with the looks to prove it. I believe that Renegade is homozygous for the pinto trait; he has paw prints and his right eye is blue.  Yes, Renegade has DNA tested positive for the homozygous pinto trait.  SOLD Nevada 


HCM Buck's Chili Pepper (Little King's Almighty Buck x HCM War Paint's Rain Goddess) Foaled 5-8-06  AMHA and AMHR registered.  Some like it hot!  This is a fiery little stallion with a lot of power and a heart of gold.  Chili has outstanding natural athletic ability and as such should make a superb driving horse.  He has a lot of power in his hind end and great lift in the in the front. He has a lot of paw prints and both parents are pinto.  It appears that he is homozygous for the pinto trait.   SOLD Kentucky



HCM X-Caliber's Bits n Bytes  SOLD Pennsylvania  (HCM Navajo's X-Caliber x HCM War Paint's Classic Lace) Homozygous!

Foaled 4/28/2005  (Measures 34" 3-30-07) Fabulous performance motion and attitude.


HCM Buck's Winning Colors  SOLD Pennsylvania  (Little King's Almighty Buck x HCM Navajo Fetish) Foaled 4/27/2005 (Measures 33" 3-30-07)




Mini horse with STAR potential

HCM STARS N STRIPES PATRIOT      SOLD, Texas  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!  If you like black pinto, short heads, pedigree, and spectacular motion ... this is the colt for you.  Will mature over 34"????.  Foaled 3-17-05       


Pizzazz - mini horse colt for sale


FOALED: 4-8-2005 (Measures 32.5" 3-30-07) AMHR Registered, perfect size and action for any performance classes. Personality will make him a good choice for a youth horse.


HCM War Paint's Feelin' Groovy  AMHA/AMHR ( Landry's War Paint x Hartin's Flashy TOY4U Hesitation and float in this powerful trot.  Groovy will be an excellent halter candidate as well.  True color deep chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. (Foaled: 4-28-04) This stallion will take you to the TOP in performance classes!!!!!!



HCM Buck's Easier Said Than Dun  AMHR registered colt out of a beautiful X-Caliber's Little Navajo daughter and sired by Little King's Almighty Buck (Foaled: April 3, 2006)  Since this photo was taken he has grown a light buckskin coat with a dark brown mane and tail.  Spring is coming so hopefully, we can get some current photos.

SOLD - Texas

Miniature horse driving prospect

HCM Buck's All That Jazz (Little King's Almighty Buck x HCM Navajo's Jinglebells) 32.5" on Nov. 30, '06

Foaled 4/14/2005  SOLD - ARIZONA



HCM X-Caliber's Abracadabra - Outstanding palomino colt sired by HCM Navajo's X-Caliber and out of HCM Buck's Cameo Dove.  Extreme conformation and motion! He'll be a perfect All Around horse.







Cameo's colt trot.jpg (21820 bytes)HCM X-CALIBER'S HIGH GEAR AMHA/AMHR ( HCM Navajo's X-Caliber x  HCM Buck's Cameo Dove)   A lovely palomino pinto with incredible motion; this is just his natural way of going.  Nice upright neck and sets back when he is ready to trot on, great hock action too.  It is possible that he will be homozygous for the pinto trait. His sire is a homozygous pinto and his dam is a palomino pinto. (Foaled: 4-9-04)  SOLD


Gypsy's trot.jpg (36851 bytes)HCM X-CALIBER'S BRAVE HEART  AMHA/AMHR   (HCM Navajo's X-Caliber x HCM Buck's Elegant Gypsy) Extremely refined colt, perhaps homozygous for the pinto trait, with true show ring presence. Generation after generation of quality making him what he is.   Will win in halter or performance. (Foaled 4-4-04)  SOLD  Texas


Awesome black pinto!  SOLD - Oregon


mini pferd Mini Pferd -  BoleroHCM X-CALIBER'S BOLERO AMHA/AMHR   (HCM Navajo's X-Caliber x HCM Play Girl's Princess)

No doubt about it, he is homozygous for the pinto trait; both sire and dam are homozygous for pinto. This is a very flashy colt with super length of neck, smooth body and nice fluid action. (Foaled: 4-6-04) SOLD - Switzerland



HCM X-CALIBER'S OLE' - ((HCM Navajo's X-Caliber (X-Caliber's Little Navajo x x Hartin's Flashy TOY4U) x Almost Heaven's Snowflake Princess (Shadow Oaks Cock Robin (A Chianti son) x Grey's High Time)

FOALED: 5-10-05   SOLD - Florida

Measures 29" in August 2006


HCM X-CALIBER'S DAPPER DAN AMHA/AMHR ( HCM Navajo's X-Caliber x HCM War Paint's Mon Cheri) Trot On!   Beautiful Mon cheri's colt.jpg (54024 bytes)motion with hesitation.  Out of a beautiful daughter of Landry's War Paint.  (Foaled: 5-29-04) SOLD  Texas


sand dollar trot oohlala.jpg (30279 bytes) HCM BUCK'S SAND DOLLAR - Buckle up and get your radar detector!  Exceptional motion with unmistakable extension and good looks.  This is a very fancy, refined 2003 colt that just begs to be taken into the show ring.  Motion and conformation come together perfectly in Sand Dollar.  His full sibling is a winner in the show ring taking Supremes, Regional and National Championships. Ask for more details; if you dare!  (  Foaled: 5-15-03, Measured 29.5" 12-18-03) SOLD -California


Rembrandt Trot extension.jpg (24371 bytes)

Rembrandt Trot 34.jpg (22332 bytes) HCM BUCK'S REMBRANDT Truly a work of art!   Beautiful color and outrageous motion.  Sired by Little Kings Almighty Buck out of a beautiful Navajo daughter.  (Foaled 4-19-03, measured 28" 12-18-03)

SOLD - Australia


Homozygous pinto mini colt, HCM Buck's Artfully Done.jpg (138711 bytes) HCM BUCK'S ARTFULLY DONE  Interested in producing pintos 100% of the time???  This little beauty has great pedigree and generations of homozygous pintos behind him.  Sired by our Little King's Almighty Buck and out of HCM War Paint's Classic Lace.  ( Foaled: 4-3-03, measured 29" 12-18-03) $ 4,500

Performance mini, HCM Buck's Artfully Done.jpg (35860 bytes)SOLD - Texas

Kachina's Left 0403.JPG (104379 bytes)HCM A BUCK'S GAMBLING MAN (LITTLE KINGS ALMIGHTY BUCK X HCM WAR PAINTS KACHINA ( LANDRY'S WAR PAINT X HCM NAVAJOS MARIAH (X-CALIBER'S LITTLE NAVAJO X PENCE COOKIE))) Generations of quality breeding come together in the stylish dark buckskin colt.   Quality, refinement and great action will stand out in the show ring.  His full sibling came in 4th at Western Regionals. (Foaled: 05/14/02, 31.75" Jan 16, 2004) $

Kachina's trot 0403.jpg (37435 bytes)SOLD - Ohio

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