Miniature horse broodmares and mares of breeding age. 

We get many questions regarding the right age for breeding.  We do not breed mares that are younger than three;  in many cases we wait until they are 4 to 5 years old.  We begin hand breeding our mares in May and finish by the end of June.  The mares are the most fertile at this time and settle easily.  Our conception rate and live delivery rate is over 90%. 

We never have and never will breed all of our mares that are breeding age, therefore; we have many mares for sale that are not in foal.  However, we are happy to breed and confirm "IN FOAL" by ultrasound any mare listed as open.  Remember ... buying a mare from a breeder that has been "exposed" to the stallion does not guarantee pregnancy.

NOTE: all sales photos of minis - brought in from the pasture, body clipped (maybe) and photographed the next day by an amateur photographer with an amateur handler.  No fancy photo shoots, just quality minis.   Yes, the motion shots are the horses natural way of going thanks to 30+ years of breeding top quality stallions to top quality mares.  The horse your purchase from us will look this good once you have him at your home or farm. 


The horses below have been SOLD but are retained on this site for quality and reference purposes.

HCM Buck's Lady Gaga - 2010 Palomino pinto mare sired by Little King's Almighty Buck and out of HCM Technicolor Dream (HCM War Paint's Hi - Tech (Landry's War Paint X Bar B Hi Fashion) x HCM Playgirl's Princess)   Gaga is a breathtaking mover with refinement and beautiful palomino pinto coloring.  With her looks and pedigree, she is certain to be a champion. SOLD Texas




HCM Buck's Charm 2010 Bay mini filly for sale sired by Little King's Almighty Buck and out of HCM War Paint's Passion Flower (Landry's War Paint X Bar B Hi Fashion (X-Caliber's Little Navajo X Kevin's Llama)) SOLD - Texas as a driving pair with Superstition



Hitchin Posts Magic's Superstition Interested in beat matched pair or driving a team?  Superstition and HCM Buck's Charm (above) might be just the pair you have been looking for -  this young mare is a very smooth mover with a lot of reach and potential in the show ring.  At 35" she is the perfect size for VSE, CDE or AMHR shows.  She has X-Caliber's Little Navajo and Little King's Almighty Buck in her pedigree. Gentle and eager to learn.   SOLD Texas as a driving pair with Buck's Charm


HCM WAR PAINT'S PRAIRIE FYRE - 32" (Landry's War Paint x HCM Navajo's Mariah (X-Caliber's Little Navajo x Pence Cookie))  Prairie Fyre is a smooth bodied mare and very easy to handle.  With her correct conformation, she would be good starter show mini or will make a lovely broodmare.  We have not bred her for a 2010 foal but would recommend breeding her to Little King's Almighty Buck for a super mover.  She has many siblings that have done very well in the show ring:  HCM War Paint's Gallant Resolution, HCM War Paint's Sundance, and HCM War Paint's Jubilation.  AMHA/AMHR  SOLD Texas


HCM NAVAJO'S MRS. DOUBTFIRE 33" (X-Caliber's Little Navajo x NFC Tiny Mites Delight) Another lovely Navajo daughter out of our super producer NFC Tiny Mites Delight.  Mrs. Doubtfire has the potential to produce some super movers for you.  She is a full sibling to HCM Navajo's Bold Idea and HCM Navajo's Bold Innovation - both well know in the show ring.  I would recommend breeding her to Little King's Almighty Buck for an awesome mover.  Note: She should go to drier climate that doesn't have a lot of grass, she gets tender feet when left on pasture 24/7. SOLD Texas




   HCM X-Caliber's Aphrodite 2008 mare sired by HCM Navajo's X-Caliber and out of Deile's Dakota Daisy Girl. At 35.75" Aphrodite is a smooth mover with great hock action and flowing front motion.  This video was taken by bring her up from the pasture, trimming bridal path, then point and shoot a video; a true testament to our horses natural gait and beauty.  She is a very people friendly mare. Ready to train and put in the ring for 2012.


FOR SALE HCM X-Caliber's Cover Girl 2006 Black homozygous pinto mare, 33.75" the perfect size for performance. Sired by HCM Navajo's X-Caliber (X-Caliber's Little Navajo x Hartin's Flashy TOY4UC) and out of HCM War Paint's Vanity ( Landry's War Paint X Bar-B Hi-Fashion (X-Caliber's Little Navajo X Kevin's Llama).  Easy going mare with great extension and hock action. Cover Girl has a full sibling that is a champion in halter and harness, "CG" will do the same for you.




HCM Navajo's Firebird - Consistent and smooth motion from this X-Caliber's Little Navajo daughter out of LWH Snicker's Tinkerbell.  She is a full sibling to driving champion HCM Navajo's Silver Bullet, appears homozygous for the pinto trait.

 SOLD California



HCM NAVAJO'S PATCHES - (X-Caliber's Little Navajo x Fisher's Naturally Nosey)  Yes, an own daughter of X-Caliber's Little Navajo.  She is a pretty black pinto out of two black pinto parents.  She has some blue in one eye sand I suspect that she is homozygous and dominant for the black gene.   AMHA/AMHR SOLD Texas



HCM Buck's eBay (Little King's Almighty Buck x HCM Navajo Hearts Delight) Foaled 5-7-06.  eBay is an exquisite mare with Miniature horse mare for sale, HCM Buck's eBaya top quality background.  She has it all: great top line, beautiful neck, short head, motion, and a pedigree to pass the traits on.  Her dam is a full sibling to HCM Navajo's Bold Idea and HCM Navajo's Bold Innovation both Champion show horses.  Combining her dam's background with the Boone's Little Buckeroo background has produced this very elegant showy mare.See videos of miniature horses on their individual webpage  

SOLD - Netherlands


 HCM WAR PAINT'S CHARISMA (Landry's War Paint x HCM Playgirl's Princess) A proven producer of extreme motion.  Charisma is a homozygous black pinto, thus will always produce a pinto foal for you.  She has a very nice pedigree and will be a great broodmare or driving horse. Foaled in 2000.  An excellent choice for a beginner or amateur interested in training a driving horse.  Charisma would also be an excellent choice for a youth interested in riding, she is very intelligent and easy to work with. SOLD Texas  


HCM BUCK'S 24 KARAT (Little King's Almighty Buck x HCM War Paint's Mariposa (Landry's War Paint x Bar B Hi Fashion -a multi champion and champion producing daughter of X-Caliber's Little Navajo)  24 Karat is a beautiful and very refined palomino pinto mare that was foaled in 2005. She is definitely top show quality for halter and/or performance.  Show her for a year or two then breed.   AMHR

SOLD - Texas

 Watch for her in the show ring during 2010!


Ready to drive!  AMHR registered Chocolate Chip was foaled in 2005 so she is ready to go into training this year.  She's a super mover, wonderful extension and high hock action.  Lovely, friendly, and homozygous pinto filly.  SOLD - New Jersey


Homozygous mini mare for sale

HCM DEAL'S SPANISH LACE Proven mare.  She had a beautiful foal in 2006 sired by HCM Navajo's Black Magic. 

SOLD - The Netherlands



HCM I'M A PEPPER TOO  Quality proven broodmare sired by Pepper, a son of Chianti.  She has had many nice foals for us, all with great top lines and powerful motion.  I'm A Pepper would be a fabulous driving mare, however; she lost her left eye due to an injury.  Must have a good home. Produces fabulous motion in her foals!  Open for 2008 but we will settle her for you.

SOLD - Texas


Mini mare for sale

HCM WAR PAINT'S MON CHERI - Sells ultra sounded in foal for 2006 bred to HCM Navajo's X-Caliber. SOLD - Arizona

She now has a super black pinto filly at her side.


ALMOST HEAVEN'S SNOWFLAKE PRINCESS - Sells in foal for 2006 to black homozygous pinto stallion HCM War Paint's Fashionation for a May baby. 

SOLD Florida


Mini mare for sale - Finesse

HCM NAVAJO'S FINESSE  Sells in foal to Little King's Almighty Buck for a 2006 foal.  SOLD Florida

She now has a lovely buckskin colt at her side.


Miniature mare for sale

HCM WAR PAINT'S RAIN GODDESS   Rain Goddess is in foal to Little King’s Almighty Buck (National Top Ten Halter and double bred son of Boone’s Little Buckeroo) and is due to foal at any time.   SOLD Florida


Zia.jpg (91606 bytes)HCM NAVAJO'S ZIA (PQ) is a 4 year old maiden mare and is in foal to LKF Almighty Buck for a 2005 foal. She is a double bred Navajo daughter, X-Caliber’s Little Navajo X HCM Navajo Fetish, an appaloosa Navajo daughter. Fetish was shown and has a National Top Ten in halter and a National Top Ten in futurity. LKF Almighty Buck is a double bred Boone’s Little Buckeroo son. Almighty Buck is also a National Top Ten halter winner. Zia conceived June 10th and was bred only one heat cycle. She is beginning to show some appaloosa mottling. 32.25" U.S., 32.75" at withers SOLD Brittany, Western France

HCM NAVAJO'S SWEET SURRENDER a classy, 6 year old, X-Caliber’s Little Navajo daughter that produced a super bay pinto colt in 2003. She is out of a beautiful show mare, LWH Snicker’s Thumbelina. I have also included a little footage of Surrender’s 2003 foal HCM Buck’s Rembrandt. Rembrandt, a Little King’s Almighty Buck foal, is sold to Australia. Sweet Surrender is bred baceSurrender trot 2.jpg (15574 bytes)k to Little King’s Almighty Buck for a 2005 foal. She conceived May 4, 2004 and was bred through 1 heat eSurrender.jpg (20795 bytes)cycle. 32", 32.75" at withers

SOLD Brittany, Western France


Flashbacktrot 2 VO.jpg (26269 bytes)HCM WAR PAINT'S SWEET CHARITY is a 4 year old little jewel is out of a beautiful 29.5" Navajo daughter and sired by Landry's War Paint. Color, conformation, refinement and style in one small elegant filly. Sweet Charity is in foal to HCM Navajo's Flashback for a 2005 baby. Flashback is a black pinto X-Caliber’s Little Navajo son out of Reserve National Champion Hartin’s Flashy TOY4U. Hartin’s Flashy TOY4U is a daughter of National Grand Champion Senior Stallion Bond’s ATOY4UC. A War Paint daughter bred to a Navajo son produced the 2003 National Grand Champion Senior Stallion. She was bred during one heat cycle. HCM Navajo’s Flashback has just been sold and will be in the show ring in 2005. 30.5",   30.75" at withers   SOLD Brittany, Western France


SienRegRt800.JPG (87905 bytes)HCM WAR PAINT'S SIENNA - a handsome mare in foal for 2005 bred to HCM Navajo's X-Caliber.  Her are some photos of her previous foals, the pictures speak for themselves.  All have very nice conformation and superb action 

 SOLD Colorado



Thanks for visiting and enjoy the jokes below!

What Do You Do...

To induce labor in a miniature horse mare?
Take a nap. 

To cure mini horse constipation?
Load them in a clean trailer. 

To cure mini horse insomnia?
Show them in a halter class. 

To get miniature horses to wash their own feet?
Clean the water trough and fill with fresh

To get a mini mare to come in heat?
Take her to a show. 

To make sure that a miniature horse mare has that beautiful,
perfectly marked foal you always wanted?
Sell her before she foals. 

To get a miniature show horse to set up perfect and really stretch?
Get him out late at night or anytime no one is around to see him. 

To induce a cold snap in the weather?
Clip a miniature horse. 

To make it rain?
Cut a hay field. 

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