Outstanding Miniature Horse Stallions Past and Present


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The first-ever stallion sourcebook for breeders and buyers! Over 300 stallions and 50 years of proven bloodlines make up this definitive work by Miniature Horse breeder/owner, Pat Elder:

  1. Outstanding Miniature Horse Stallions, Past and Present
  2. Outstanding Miniature Horse Mares, Past and Present

These books are available through Small Horse Press http://www.smallhorse.com/eStores/BookStore/stallion.shtml and Amazon.com  http://www.amazon.com/Outstanding-Miniature-Horse-Stallions-Present/dp/1887932518

Here are some of our miniature horses and pedigrees referenced in these books:

Full page relating to these horses

  • Bar-B Hi-Fashion
  • Bond Showboy
  • Boones Little Buckeroo
  • Bond Snippet
  • Cross Country's Call Me Madam
  • Cross Country's Waterford
  • Hartin's Flashy TOY4U
  • HCM Thunderstruck
  • HCM War Paint's Summer Serenade
  • HCM War Paint's Wildfyre
  • Landry's War Paint
  • Little King's Almighty Buck
  • Soat's Li'l Dove
  • X-Caliber's Little Navajo

Plus ... many references to their winning offspring:

  • HCM Fashion Deal
  • HCM A Buck's Athena
  • HCM A Buck's Gambling Man,
  • HCM Buck's Almighty Delight
  • HCM Buck's Elegant Angel
  • HCM Navajo's Angel Fyre
  • HCM Navajo's Black tie Affair
  • HCM Navajo's Bold Idea
  • HCM Navajo's Calypso
  • HCM Navajo Charm
  • HCM Navajo's Crystal Raindrop
  • HCM Navajo's Desert Rain
  • HCM Navajo's Desert Storm
  • HCM Navajo's Distant Thunder
  • HCM Navajo's Dream Catcher
  • HCM Navajo's Elusive Image
  • HCM Navajo's Lonesome Dove
  • HCM Navajo's Magnificient Image
  • HCM Navajo's Mariah
  • HCM Navajo's Silver Bullet
  • HCM Navajo's Wandering Star
  • HCM Navajo Fetish
  • HCM Peppers Shaman
  • HCM War Paint's Story Teller
  • HCM War paint's Bold Impression
  • HCM War Paint's Eagle Feather
  • HCM War Paint's Gallant Resolution
  • HCM War Paint's Hi-Tech
  • HCM War Paint's Rain Maker
  • HCM War Paint's Storm Bringer
  • HCM War Paint's Summertime
  • HCM War Paint's Summer Sonota
  • HCM Navajo's Bay Masterpiece
  • HCM Navajo's Shooting Arrow
  • HCM Navajo's Silver Shadow
  • HCM Navajo's Silver Spirit
  • HCM Navajo's Thunderbird
  • HCM Navajo's X-Caliber
  • HCM Navajo Chieftain
  • HCM Navajo's Mademoiselle
  • HCM War Paint's Aly Sheba
  • HCM War Paint's Hi-Tech
  • HCM War Paint's Red Cloud

Sample pages taken from Pat Elder's book Outstanding Miniature Horse Stallions, Past and Present:

X-Caliber's Little Navajo

Little King's Almighty Buck: