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If you are new to miniature horse ownership please visit our "Care of Minis"  page.   You will find information on how to care for your miniature horses regarding vaccination, de-worming, and feeding.

Miniature Horse Registries:

Miniature horse driving events and clinics in Texas:

  • Good Hands Training Center in Navasota, Texas has VSE (Very Small Equine) Combined Driving Events.   Mini's are driven cross country through obstacles, through cones and in dressage for a combined score.  Contact Tom O'Carroll at ; it's a great way to enjoy your mini's to the fullest of their driving experience.

Horse Health & Product References:

  • The Merck Vet Manual Horses - Excellent reference source for horse health, management, nutrition, foot care, vaccines, etc.

  • Foalert - We have used this BIRTH MONITORING SYSTEM since 1990 - Don't lose your precious miniature foal; we save at least one foal per year using this system. 

  • Purina's nutritional information - Confused about feed requirements?  Purina's site has valuable information on feed requirement of miniature horses and larger breeds.

  • The Horse  Check out this guide to equine health.  This is an excellent website which offers a magazine, on line newsletters, and extensive article archives!

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  Equine or Horse Coat Color Genetics:     

  • Coat Color Genetics Positive horse identification authored by Ann T. Bowling, PhD, Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, California 95616-8744 

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Fencing for minis:

  • Zareba  The largest and most comprehensive electric fence systems manufacturer in North America -- offering thousands of products, including wiring, chargers, posts, insulators, and more.

  • Gallagher

Equine and Horse Product Sites:

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Miniature Horse or Equine Insurance Companies:

  • Newton Baker Insurance Agency  We have done business with them over our 15 years in the miniature horse business.  They have always been very responsive and competitively priced.

  • Connaway and Associates  Horse and Farm Insurance - "We provide peace of mind, the Best Mortality, Major Medical, Surgical, Loss of Use, and Farm Coverage.  Free colic surgery included on most policies."

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Miniature Horse or Equine Transport Companies:

  • Cox Equine Transport - We have used Cox Equine Transport for over ten years.  They have been very dependable and reliable.   Horses leave and arrive as promised!   Twice monthly direct routes from Texas base (mid country) to Midwest, Northeast, Kentucky, Florida and, California. Five modern rigs offering economic, dependable coast to coast service and connections with affiliated transports to out of the way places providing effective nationwide horse transportation.

  • Equine Express - based out of Pilot Point, Texas.  Weekly coast-to-coast service

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Veterinary Questions? Check here!

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 Miniature Horse breeders


    Check out..

    ..these Miniature Horse sites!


  • Registered Horses For Sale-   Where pedigree matters

    Mistletoe Farm is a miniature horse farm that raises and offers the Miniature Horse and Miniature Horses for sale in South Carolina with standings in AMHA, AMHR, and WCMHR while striving for perfection in personality and conformation as well as color, refinement and temperament in the tiny miniature horse.

  • Miniature Horse Farms Directory - Directory, mini news, auction, community, calendar and much more.

  • Willow Crest Farm  It is our belief that beauty is more than just the standing outward appearance. We feel strongly that intellect, way of going, athletic ability and temperament are equally important. We strive to produce "More Than Just Another Pretty Face". Susan and Al Bulgawicz, Cypress, TX.

  • Howling Hills Farm Miniature Horses Home of HCM War Paint's Hi-Tech. 

  • Mountain Meadows Miniatures

  • Wisteria Miniature Horse Ranch located in Opelousas, Louisiana.
  • Horsepower Graphics! and Web Publishing, the place to have your Internet site created and managed - knowledgeable, experienced and reasonable.
  • Dream Maker Miniatures  Awesome frame bred overo miniatures
  • Paintbrush Miniature Horses, Home of Multi National Champions and the internationally beloved palomino stallion, The Legendary Cowboy Del
  • Natural Action Coalition NAC, An International Coalition Formed to educate against horse abuse and to Encourage the Training, Breeding and Judging of The Naturally Moving Horse
  • Moondance Ranch, Top Miniature Horse Training and Breeding Center! Portia Sue and Robert Owens
  • Smaland Estate Miniatures The "Cowboy" Connection - A Top farm with top bloodlines!
  • Millstone Miniature Horse Farm, A premier breeder of Arabian-type Miniature Horses!
  • Estate Horse Supply Online Catalog Quality horse supplies since 1986, Specializing in carts and harness. Jerald Miniature Horse Vehicles--Pleasure, Roadster & Viceroy carts, all Options & Accessories. Worldwide Shipping.
  • Jerald Sulky Company Jerald Miniature Horse Vehicles--Pleasure, Roadster & Viceroy carts, all Options & Accessories. Worldwide Shipping.

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Miniature Horse Tack, Equipment & Supplies

  • OZARK CANADA! Top quality tack and supplies for your Miniature Horse and Shetland Pony. The Canadian distributor of Ozark Mountain tack, bringing you all of your favorites from Ozark Mountain in Canadian prices shipped to you from a Canadian address.
  • Safe Fence Excellent electric fence which we have used for years.  It really is safe!
  • Estate Horse Supply Quality Horse Supplies Since 1986, specializing in carts, harness, driving bits, foal monitoring systems. Online store! Worldwide Shipping!
  • Heaven-On-Earth Miniatures Your total source A-Z for Miniature Horse tack, equipment and supplies. Complete on line catalog/order form!!
  • Jerald Sulky Company 100 years of Quality and craftsmanship! Jerald Miniature Horse Vehicles--Pleasure, Roadster & Viceroy carts, all Options & Accessories.
  • Ozark Mountain Miniature Tack & Supplies One stop shopping for all of your miniature needs. Made in the USA - excellent quality at great prices.
  • Star Lakes Tack complete on-line catalog and order form for all your mini tack needs
  • Supreme Equine Design Your top source for all Miniature Horse tack, supplies and equipment. We ship worldwide.
  • Mini Express World class equipment for miniature horses. Superior harnesses and show halters our specialty.
  • Cloud Nine  - This is a great source for horse show needs:  stall drapes, apparel,  show awards, etc.

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Miniature Horse Training

  • NSRanch   Lisa and Gary Barnes - performance and halter specialists located west of Ft. Worth, TX, 16 years of miniature horse training experience.
  • Shiloh Training Center All Top Ten Stallions & National CH. Producers. Best Bloodlines in the business, Alfalfa Please, Dream Merchant & Blue Boy. 

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AMHA Approved Miniature Horse Shows

AMHA Show Schedule

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Miniature Horse Clubs & Breeders


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International Miniature Horse Breeders

  • Kim Shawyer UK Owner of the much celebrated HCM Navajo's Black Magic. 


  • Gestüt Buchberg    Owners: Xaver Buchner und Bettina Bauer - Home of HCM X-Caliber's High Gear, loving known as "Higgins"  

Amerikanische Miniaturpferde - HCM X-Caliber's High Gear

Mini pfrede High Gear

Amerikanische Miniaturpferde - HCM X-Caliber's High Gear

  • Tourmaline Miniature Horse Stud  Ken & Lesley Cornford the proud owners of Tourmaline Stud ,our current location is Burpengary just north of Brisbane in Queensland Australia.  our background is breeding & showing arabians , this gives us a sound knowledge of conformation of horses not ponies ,which we use in our breeding of miniature arabian type horses. Home of HCM Classic Deal!

  • Silver Spring Farm - Netherlands - We are a small breeder of American Miniature Horses in the Western part of Holland. We have deliberately chosen for a small breeding farm to make sure that all horses will have sufficient personal attention. In this way they all will become very honest and friendly. Home of HCM Buck's EmPac.


  • Pepper Ridge Swiss  We define the most sought after characteristics to include conformation, refinement, pedigree, colour and arabian features. Our horses are selectively bred and cared for, each measuring under 34".  Home of HCM X-Caliber's Bolero.




  • GOTCHA LOOKIN’ STUD FARM – Situated in Brittany, Western France with links to the United Kingdom – Breeder of 100% American Miniature Horses par excellence.

  • Stal Hazelberg - Ben and Carla van de Wetering We started with the Miniature Horses at 2000. At this moment we have 14 miniature horses.  The smallest one is 28" and the biggest is 33.5". Our target is to breed an excellent European Miniature Horse compare with the American Miniature horse
  • élevage de la buise  Situated in the North of France close to the Lille-Paris highway.  British and American bloodlines.  Mini Chavaux, petits chavaux.


International Miniature Horse Societies

  • British Miniature Horse Society  We hope that you enjoy your visit to the BMHS site. The British Miniature Horse Society is the mother breed society and Stud Book and is recognized in the UK by DEFRA.
  • Mini horse club - Europe  European Miniature Horse Clubs site including calendar, membership, education, show results and more - Europe.  Miniature horse information in Dansk, Deutsch, English, Francais and Nederlands.
  • International Club for American Miniature Horses - ICAMH not only organizes approved shows under AMHA and/or AMHR regulations, but also sociable fun shows, breeders meetings, educational shows and interesting clinics, where in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere breeders and fanciers of the American Miniature Horse are being brought closer together.
  • EUSAM - The new studbook for American Miniature Horses in Europe (open to registered AMHA horses)

International Horse Products

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Other Miniature Horse Topics!

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Links To Great Big Horse Breed Sites!


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